Ficus Elastica Belize (Rubber Fig)


The Ficus Elastica Belize is a very common indoor plant that has a striking visual appearance with a range of colours, variegation and textures. Mostly known for its big, glossy leaves, this indoor house plant is easy to care for, not fussy with watering or nutritional needs and just needs enough light to stay healthy. It is a must-have for anyone looking at building or adding to their indoor plant collection.

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Ficus Elastica Belize requires very little attention and maintenance to thrive. In actual fact, too much love will kill your Ficus Elastica Belize quicker than a lack of it. These indoor plants grow at a medium to fast rate and can be grown in a range of different shapes. Most commonly they are grown in a clump or bushy form (3 or more stems) or as single stems. They can also be grown in tree form with multiple branches coming from a single stem so careful pruning and consideration to shaping needs to be given before any action is taken. If you want living art that turns heads and makes a statement then you need to make sure you add Ficus Elastica Belize to your indoor collection of plants.


This is a plant that can handle a range of indoor lighting. It prefers brights, indirect light but it will do well in medium to low light. Just be mindful that in low light the plant may become leggy and less vigorous. If you have weaker lighting look at getting a multi-stemmed plant so the appearance isn't too leggy.


The quickest way to kill your Ficus Elastica Belize is to overwater your plant. The soil can completely dry out before watering again, but don't let it stay dry for too long. If the leaves start to droop then you have left it too dry for too long, but it will bounce back with a good watering. Make sure that the soil mixture is free-draining as to not cause prolonged wetness. If you are using a moisture meter then it needs to be almost dry before watering again. If you are using your finger if your whole index finger is dry its time to water.


Because a free-draining mixture is required, a lot of nutrients wash out in between waterings. Because of this, it is recommended to feed your indoor ficus plant every 2 to 3 weeks with a balanced, organic, liquid fertiliser. The leaf of this specific ficus is its pride so damage is immediately visible. Organic fertiliser is recommended as to not cause any leaf burn due to incorrect mixtures.


The Ficus Elastica Belize does not need any pruning. Pruning is only required to control the height or to create a bushy appearance. As soon as the growing tip is cut or pruned away the plant will produce side branches and bush out, so pruning needs to be treated with caution and careful planning given.


IMPORTANT! As with all plants in the fig and ficus family, the milky sap from cuts, breakages or damage may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. As we are dealing with living plants, sometimes the leaves are not 100% perfect. We control as much as we can to give you the best possible product, but we cannot control the intricacies of nature and from time to time there might be a leaf or 2 with some natural damage.

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